How to Help Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls

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As fall moves forward, many areas will begin to see some harsher weather, including sleet, snow, and ice. Potentially hazardous weather like this as well as less daylight can cause slips, trips, and falls to increase, which are all already some of the most common claims for churches. This is why now is a good time to review how slips, trips, and falls occur and what you can do to help prevent them.

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Slips are caused by losing your balance when there’s too little friction between your feet and the surface you are walking on. They can be caused by wet or oily surfaces, weather hazards, loose rugs or mats, occasional spills, and flooring with different levels of traction.


To help prevent slips, you can:
• Clean up any spills or liquids
• Properly remove snow and ice from walkways
• Secure loose rugs or mats
• Ensure proper and even traction on all surfaces


Trips happen when your foot hits an object and your momentum throws you off balance. Causes of trips can include uneven surfaces and pavement, uncovered cables, cluttered pathways, obstructed view, and poor lighting.


Some ways to help prevent trips include:
• Removing or covering extension cords and cables
• Repairing damaged surfaces and pavement
• Removing clutter and debris from walkways
• Properly lighting areas to show potential hazards.

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Falls occur when you lose your center of balance. They can be caused by damaged stairs, unsecured ladders, elevated areas, unstable furniture, and untidy passageways.


Some ways to help prevent falls include:
• Repairing any damaged railings, handrails, or stairs
• Securing ladders while in use
• Removing damaged or unstable furniture
• Displaying warning signs for temporary hazards like wet floors

As we move from Fall into Winter, be sure to take steps to continue to help prevent slips, trips, and falls and keep your ministry safe!

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