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Our mission is to help protect your church with insurance solutions that reflect your unique needs and keep your ministry focused on continuing to make a difference in your community.


We understand you have a congregation counting on you and how important it is to have the right safeguards in place should the unexpected happen. This is why thousands of churches across the country put their faith in us to help protect what matters most. We want to be there for your church when you need us, too.

Coverage Options

Property Coverage

Property coverage offers protection for your church buildings, their contents, personal belongings that are in your care if they are inside your building, and exterior property structures. These physical items can be damaged, lost, or stolen due to unplanned disasters or thefts and property coverage can help ease the financial burden in these situations.



Property coverage typically covers:

• Buildings
• Contents
• Signs
• Playgrounds
• Exterior buildings (sheds, decks, etc.)


From your parsonage to your pews, tailored property coverage can help protect one of your ministry’s most valuable assets outside of its people. 


Tip: Most property policies cover windstorms, thefts, and fires. However, in many cases, property damage caused by floods and earthquakes is NOT included.  However, other options for additional coverage may be available.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage comes in several forms and helps protect your church, its employees, and volunteers in the event someone is injured or personal property is damaged. It can offer protection from accusations of negligence, personal and advertising injury (libel or slander), church work-related mistakes, sexual misconduct, and injuries caused by slips and falls, violent incidents, etc.

Other liability coverages available:

• Umbrella insurance

• Professional liability insurance

• Directors & officers (D&O) insurance

• Employment practices liability (EPLI) insurance

• Employee dishonesty


Despite all the good they do in the community, churches carry unique risks associated with things like spiritual counseling, armed intruders, and mishandled donations. Securing liability coverage that reflects your ministry’s operations can help safeguard it should the unexpected occur.

Workers' Compensation Coverage

Workers’ compensation coverage helps protect your church in the event of employee injuries or illnesses that occur while on the job. Workers’ compensation can also provide financial relief to employees should anything happen to them due to a work-related incident. In many states, workers’ compensation coverage can also help protect volunteers, which many churches rely upon to operate.

Almost every state mandates that organizations carry workers’ compensation for their employees. However, the scope and type of required coverage varies depending on organization needs from each state to the next. 


Workers’ compensation can help cover:

• Most illnesses and injuries that occur due to a work-related accident

• Some off-site incidents if they are work-related (exp., injury during a business trip, long-term injuries that are slow to develop, like carpal tunnel syndrome)


Tip: Workers’ compensation has some common exclusions to coverage, including if the injured employee was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, was in violation of organizational protocol at the time of the accident, was engaged in illegal activity, or inflicted the injury intentionally upon themselves.

Commercial Auto Coverage

Commercial auto insurance helps protect your church in the event of accidents or incidents that occur while using company vehicles that your house of worship owns, leases, or rents. Most churches have at least one church vehicle that can be used for things like church deliveries or transportation for congregants which creates risks. Commercial auto coverage can help protect your church from these exposures.

Each state sets their own minimums for commercial auto coverage and basic policies vary. However, a claim against a church can exceed minimum coverage requirements, which is why most churches opt for additional coverage.

Suracy Faith offers commercial auto insurance policies that can be bundled with other coverage options:

• Comprehensive insurance

• Collision insurance

• Underinsured and uninsured motorist (UM/UIM) insurance

• Medical payments

• Loading and Unloading

• Hired/Non-owned auto insurance


Tip: Driving personal vehicles for church-related activities?

If someone is engaging in church-related activities while driving a personal vehicle instead of a vehicle that is owned, leased, or rented by the church, your church could be responsible for damages and injuries if an accident occurs due to vicarious liability. Hired/non-owned auto coverage can help protect your church if an accident occurs while an employee/volunteer is driving their personal vehicle while performing church-related activities.

Church Specialty Products

While property and casualty insurance can help protect your church from a variety of risks, there are certain unique exposures your ministry may have that require specialty products in the event of accidents or emergencies. 

Depending on your church property and its operations, specialty products your ministry should consider, include:  


• Pastoral counseling

• Religious expression

• Inland marine for pipe organs, fine art, etc.

• Boiler and machinery

• Terrorism

• Sexual misconduct


Tip: There are differences between insurers that specialize in church insurance and insurance companies that cover churches. Insurers that specialize in church insurance have a unique understanding of your operations, which can be beneficial in ensuring you have coverage that is tailored to help meet your needs. Insurance companies that cover churches may offer you the products you are looking for, but the coverages and limits you get might not be specific to faith-based organizations.


Suracy Faith’s top-tier carrier network includes carriers that offer specialized products for churches.


Surety bonds (bonds) are binding contracts that help ensure financial obligations are met and/or provide coverage for damages if obligations are not met.  Bonds are stand-alone products and are often issued to people in fiduciary roles (exp. treasurers, bookkeepers, administrators, volunteers, cashiers, etc.). 



They offer financial and legal protection that is not typically included with property and casualty coverage.  In the event of a claim, bonds can provide payment to recover some or all of a financial loss.



• Do not require deductible payments

• Offer protection that differs from employee crime and dishonesty coverage and offers higher limits

• Can be obtained for anyone that is involved with or has access to church finances or financial information

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