How to Protect Your Church From Theft and Vandalism Part 1


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As unfortunate as it is, churches are often targets for theft and vandalism. In fact, theft and vandalism is among the mot common claims for churches and in 2019, there were 6,925,677 property crimes in the United States, including churches. While it is impossible to avoid every unfortunate instance, there are steps you can take to help prevent theft and vandalism from occurring at your church.

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1: Properly light exteriors

Lighting the exterior of your buildings helps deter potential criminals by drawing attention to your buildings, illuminating entrances and hiding places, and making people easier to spot.

2: Secure doors and windows

Many crimes are crimes of opportunity. Securing your doors and windows makes it significantly more difficult for criminals to gain entry into your buildings. The longer it takes to gain access, the less desirable your building looks to criminals, and the higher the chances of catching someone should they attempt to break in or vandalize your property.

3: Trim landscaping

Unkept landscaping is not only unsightly, but it can also decrease visibility around your buildings and create potential hiding spots for anyone trespassing on your property.

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4: Install security systems

Having a security system is a great way of helping protect your property and and providing peace of mind. Cameras and alarms are great at obtaining evidence and alerting authorities should a crime occur, but often times, just the presence of a security system is enough to deter would be criminals.

5: Invite local law enforcement to patrol your property

In addition to installing security systems and properly lighting your buildings, it’s a good idea to invite your local law enforcement officers to patrol your property regularly. This will allow them to keep an eye out for any potential trouble, but also makes them familiar with your property in the event of a more serious crime like a violent crisis.

Taking these precautions can make a big difference in helping to keep your church safe from theft and vandalism! Contact our dedicated representatives who are standing by to help you! Call (855) 979-5891 or email us at

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