It’s Special Event Season! Help Keep Your Church Safe.


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The summer is when many churches see an increase in special events taking place and it can be a joyful time for all. Whether it’s a wedding, church-sponsored picnic, youth group event, or other happening, it’s important to remember that while these events are meant to be enjoyed, there are still potential risks for accidents and sometimes, special event insurance is necessary.

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Be Aware of What Coverage Your Church Has Currently

Some risks associated with special events may be covered by your current coverage. For those risks associated with your event that are not covered, you can identify the protection gaps and take steps to ensure you have appropriate coverage.

Secure Special Event Coverage if It Is Needed

Some events are larger than normal church activities. For these types of events, you can secure special event coverage, which acts as a stand-alone policy that can help protect your ministry from special event risks. Speak to your insurance agent to determine if you need to secure special event insurance.

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Prioritize Safety

Taking steps to help avoid risks during a special event can go a long way. Follow standard safety precautions like addressing slip, trip, or fall hazards, ensure your equipment is functioning properly, consider having an event plan including communication details for the day of your activity, among other actions. A safe event can be a happy event.

If you are unsure if your church is appropriately covered whether generally or for a special event, Suracy Faith is here to help. We can provide you with a free quote and/or coverage review today. Contact our dedicated representatives who are standing by to help you! Call (855) 979-5891 or email

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