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The holidays are upon us! This is a very special time of year for all churches and many events and celebrations are on the horizon. With those events often come the use of candles, which can be beautiful, but can pose serious risks if not handled properly. Below we’ve compiled some tips to keep in mind surrounding candle usage.

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Position Candles With Care

It’s recommended to keep candles at least one foot away from anything that can burn. Additionally, keep candles away from high traffic areas where people may come into contact with them and place them on sturdy, clean surfaces.

Do Not Leave Candles Unattended

  1. Candles should be monitored while in use. Whomever is monitoring the candles should be sure to always extinguish them before leaving the room.

Never Leave a Child Alone in a Room With a Burning Candle

Accidents can easily happen with candles. Be sure an adult is supervising children whenever they are in rooms with candles.

Do Not Burn a Candle All the Way Down

  1. Put candles out before they get too close to the bottom of their holder or container they are in.

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Consider Using Artificial Candles

One of the best ways to minimize the risks candles pose is to use flameless/battery-powered candles. These types of candles can still offer the same ambiance of real candles but are less dangerous. If you must use real candles, limit the amount.

Use Sturdy Candle Holders

Never use candle holders that are wobbly or easily tip over.

Do Not Use Candles During Power Outages

Should the power go out at your church, do not use candles for lighting. Keep flashlights and battery powered lighting on hand and accessible for these occurrences.

Have a Fire Safety Plan in Place

In the event of a fire/accident, be sure to have a fire safety plan in place to implement if necessary. Be sure to educate staff and visitors on this plan and consider consulting with your local fire department to help ensure your church is adequately prepared if a fire takes place. 

While it’s impossible to prevent every accident, utilizing these tips can help make using candles safer.

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