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According to the National Fire Protection Association, a fire department responded to a fire in the US every 23 seconds in 2021. October is Fire Safety Month and it aims to help bring awareness to the serious threats fires pose nationwide. In recognition of this month, we have some tips for your church to remember as you practice fire safety.

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Have a fire escape plan

It is very important that your church has a well-developed fire escape plan to follow in the event a fire occurs while people are in your buildings. This plan should be supported by proper training and regularly reviewed with staff and volunteers. Evacuation signs should be clearly placed throughout your facilities and it’s recommended to walk evacuation routes throughout the year on a regular basis.

Ensure smoke alarms are present and working properly

Smoke alarms should be placed in every room as they can give you early warning signs to evacuate the building quickly. Alarms should be tested monthly, especially to determine if the batteries are working. It is recommended to have smoke alarms that are interconnected so that when one sounds, they all sound.

Be sure to have fire extinguishers on-site

Your buildings should maintain the appropriate type and amount of fire extinguishers, which can help you contain a fire before it spreads. Church staff and employees should be trained on how to properly use fire extinguishers and they should be checked on a frequent basis to confirm they are in good working order. Also, remember to place fire extinguishers in easily accessible areas.

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Reduce clutter

Clutter can add fuel to fires! Take steps to reduce or eliminate clutter for this reason. Additionally, clutter can sometimes block access to exits or emergency equipment in the event of a fire so prioritize good housekeeping.

Install sprinkler systems

If you are able, install sprinkler systems in your buildings to help contain fires should they occur.

Regularly inspect electrical systems

Have a professional regularly inspect your electrical systems to identify and correct any fire hazards. Many fires are caused by faulty wiring or systems.  Additionally, practice safe use of electrical equipment. This can include not overloading circuits, avoiding running cords under combustible materials, disposing of broken or frayed cords, and not using extension cords in place of outlets. 

Use candles safely

While candles can be beautiful, they can also be dangerous because they are fire hazards. If you do use candles, limit the amount you use and consider using battery operated candles instead. Candles should not be near any tripping hazards or high traffic areas. Also, never leave candles unattended and they should not be placed next to anything that can catch fire.


Finally, be sure to keep emergency contact information easily accessible in your buildings should the unexpected occur.

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