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Over the past few years, Suracy Faith has continued to grow as an agency that proudly serves thousands of customers across the country. Our clients include a variety of different churches and houses of worship across many different denominations, and as we keep expanding, we thought it was necessary to reenergize our branding to demonstrate even greater focus on protecting your ministry and the value we offer.

With Suracy Faith, you can expect:

  • Personalized service

We have always prided ourselves on our dedication to providing outstanding customer service to all of our customers, but we are pushing ourselves to go above and beyond what we’ve done before.


Our personalized service can ensure that:

• You speak to a live person – not just a frustrating automated system
• You’ll receive quick turnaround times 
• We show through our interactions that we have a genuine interest in the success and protection of your ministry
• You have online and on-demand access to your insurance documents through our customer portal


For the past couple of years, our customers have given us a 99% satisfaction rate, but we think there’s still room for improvement.

  • Increased value

We understand that ministries require money to fulfill their mission. That’s why we built the Quotinual℠ program to help make sure your house of worship is saving money wherever possible when it comes to insurance. Quotinual℠ helps prevent your church from being locked into overpriced rates by providing on-demand quoting and reviewing your coverage at your annual renewal.


Curious about how much your church could be saving? Let us put together a personalized quote for your church. Getting started is quick and easy.

  • More choices

Every church has unique needs, so it’s important that you’re given options that are relevant to your situation. With our wide network of carriers, we’re able to offer products tailored to churches like yours so you don’t end up paying for things you don’t need, or left vulnerable due to a lack of protection.

  • Knowledge

It’s not only important to provide affordable coverage and good customer service to our customers, but it’s also necessary to educate them on why safety and prevention is so beneficial to their church. So, we’ve developed a resource library full of educational articles, informative infographics, and helpful videos for you to explore. It’ll be continuously updated, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter or check back regularly for any updates.

  • Purpose

Suracy Faith isn’t just your average insurance agency. We are in the business of protecting your ministry because we believe in your ministry. You can trust in us to be your partner in faith for years to come.

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